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I have collaborated with artists and artisans from various walks of life. My video creations speak for themselves. Explore, find inspiration, and let's create a magnificent representation of your world together. Whether it's recording a show, making trailers, producing video clips, or presenting an artist – explore and discover your preference.

The preview for the show GHO Stay, a collaboration between choreographer Hyun Kim and Art Color Ballet, offers a glimpse into this dreamlike performance filled with symbols and metaphors exploring the themes of life and death.

Léa is a short sequence captured during a photo shoot for a magazine. Images flash by, punctuated by bass. Léa's captivating gaze occupies the entire space of the frame

UN-TIL, a captivating music video, unveils the New York artist duo RH+. As both dancers and choreographers, they are featured in compelling close-ups. The interplay of light creates a mysterious atmosphere, enveloping the surroundings and the connection that binds these characters. Thus, it reveals a poetic dance between shadow and light.

CHOICES offers a poetic preview of the captivating documentary about DJ Kinky D, a well-known artist whose remarkable talent rocks the notes between Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Her singular work stands out in these lands full of surprises and astonishments, inviting us to dive into a sound universe rich in creativity.

DE MEMOIRE is a music video, entirely shot on Super 8 film.

This piece reflects our introspection on memory, exploring the subjectivity of our recollections and the construction of our identity through these temporal fragments. The music, an original creation by artists Barry Jones and Guappecarto, delicately accompanies this visual contemplation.

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