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Filming an event poses a significant challenge. It involves handling numerous movements, potential obstacles, and a multitude of people. This becomes even more critical when a moment unfolds only once, demanding a swift capture!

Whether it's a grand Kuwaiti prince's wedding or a corporate evening, my ultimate goal remains unchanged: to craft a film that mirrors your essence, a production that you, and your guests, will relish watching countless times.

I specialize in tailor-made wedding videos, meticulously capturing every precious moment—from the anticipation during preparation to the solemnity of the ceremony, and from the warmth of the reception to the lively atmosphere of the party.

Additionally, I create event videos, be it for a significant corporate milestone or to commemorate an important anniversary. Each video is crafted with passion and dedication, aiming to immortalize these unique moments in time.

un couple

This video, serving as a demo reel, provides an overview of the weddings I've co-created in Qatar, Kuwait, and France. Each event was a memorable adventure, seamlessly blending the joy of participating in such pivotal moments in the couples' lives with the enthusiasm of capturing the splendor of the locations and the authenticity of the celebrations.

This wedding video, documenting the union of Iwona and Gokhan, unfolds over approximately six minutes. It takes you through the preparations, the ceremony, the moments frozen in photographs, and a substantial part of the celebration. My approach is flexible, adapting to the requests and preferences of the bride and groom, ensuring complete satisfaction with the final result.

This wedding video is a celebration of union, concise yet fluid, capturing the key moments of the day. I adapt to the needs while mirroring the image of my clients, as the video must also convey their essence and their vision of life.

An event video capsule for the launch of a fashion magazine, Whatevr Fanzine.

A fleeting immersion into the heart of an evening, where the atmosphere and enchanting universe of the brand come to life.

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